2016 was a year of profound transition for the global construction sector, and among the toughest in BlueLife’s history. The industry continues to face its fair share of challenges, with intense competition coming not only from new projects, but also from the resale of residences delivered since the first IRS Scheme was launched in 2001. Supply is soaring, both locally and internationally, in a way that we continuously need to adjust our offering, and create new differentiating features.

We entered 2017 with strong momentum as we began reaping the benefits of the decisive steps we took. This year, we maintained our strategic focus, patiently applying ourselves to making breakthroughs—all of which translated to measurable growth. Despite the reduction in turnover as compared to the previous year, as a result of the cyclical nature of the land development activities, all the other clusters generated increased revenues.


Start of construction - Azuri Phase 1

Earthworks on the 52 acre site began on May 28. The groundbreaking ceremony at Azuri took place on July 3 and a three-day event was held to celebrate. Over this period, locals had the chance to get involved in activities such as fishermen boat races and games for children.

Opening of Circle Square Retail Park, Forbach

Opened in September 2012, Circle Square Retail Park is located on the M2 highway at Forbach in the North. It is composed of 3 worlds: MotorCity providing upmarket motor vehicles; HomeScene, dedicated to home improvements and Afrasia Golf World with a golf driving range.

Opening of hotel at Poste Lafayette

This 100 key hotel is located across nearly 3 acres of prime ocean frontage on the East coast; on a truly stunning 400 foot beach front. The hotel offers a wide variety of guest facilities (such as three restaurants, a  spa, a business centre, gym and kids club) based around a lush landscape with all rooms orientated to maximise the stunning ocean views.


Amalgamation between BlueLife Limited and IOREC

December 2013 saw the successful merger of BlueLife Limited and Indian Ocean Real Estate Company Ltd (IOREC).  This amalgamation was approved by shareholders on 4 December 2013 and became effective on 31 December 2013.  The new BlueLife Limited was then listed on the Official Market of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius Ltd (SEM) on 8 January 2014.

Opening of hotel at Azuri

This 5* best in class hotel is a 100 key exclusive resort which sits at the heart of Azuri. It offers 4 restaurants and bars, two swimming pools and children’s pool, a 300m² Spa, including a well-equipped fitness centre, Club Lounge, Kids’ Club etc.


Completion of the construction of 106 local residential units

Start of construction of our phase 2 for local buyers (Plot 14)

Completion of the construction of 130 IRS residential units

Opening retail zone at Azuri with shops & restaurants


Confirmation of Mrs Marot as CEO

Launch of the sale of 17 serviced land in the Ocean River Villas project

Start of construction for Alezan, part 2 of the local project

New international management contract signed with Rezidor Hotels APS Danmark

Launch of the sale of 16 Riviera villas

The design of the Riviera Villas has been inspired by the freshness and elegance of Azuri’s collection of experiences. Blending perfectly contemporary grace and tropical serenity into a setting respectful of the environment, these villas invite you to immerse yourself into the sweet life of the islands, where family, work and leisure balance your daily life. Two distinct styles of villas have been conceived to respond to the requirements of savvy and enthusiastic buyers, looking to live the harmonious Mauritian lifestyle.


Signature of 1st DOS for Ocean River Villas

Successfull handover of 1st unit of Plot-14

Sales launch of Golf View Villas


Delivery of 5 premium villas on the river at Azuri

Launch of the sale of 18 Ennéa villas

Blending a cosmopolitan construct with the open-air lifestyle appeal of the tropics, the Ennéa Villas comprise Azuri’s fourth phase of exquisite residences that qualify for ownership by international buyers looking to make their home in Mauritius.


Launch of the Azuri Golf Course

Azuri is becoming more attractive. An exciting golf experience is being created to enhance the substantial array of recreational diversions within the village. Set along the river heights, this 9-hole jewel of a course is conceived to appeal to golfers of every level, looking to play a round of golf on an exceptional course built to the highest international standards.

Delivery of 16 Riviera Villas