Property management is a specialised activity. Handling the demands of some 350 owners regrouped already in not less than 15 co-ownerships on the same site is a challenge. This is the role of a Syndic, he is the organ of administration of the co-ownership and execute the decisions of the General Assembly of co-owners.

We strongly believe that, having faced a steep learning curve in a very short period of time in a new village with its particularities, we have set up a professional organisational structure and we are in position to offer qualified syndic services to the existing and future co-ownerships in Azuri.

Ocean edge Property management Company Ltd is the provisional syndic of each of our development and will be in charge to administrate and convene the first General Assembly of co-owners which will decide on the extension of the services of Ocean Edge as syndic or the appointment of other one.


Household, maintenance and repair services are offered to residents for a carefree ownership. Amongst a variety of services, Azuri Services Ltd provides housekeeping and general household cleaning, pool and garden maintenance as well as general maintenance to equipment. It can also provide internal hands-on technical support or provide solutions through outsourcing to preferred partners.


Since its opening in 2011, Azuri became a village, although being private, and works as a private municipality which has to manage its infrastructures and equipment common to all as well as services as the collection of garbage, the security or the maintenance of the common green spaces.

In the absence of existing appropriate legalisation and whilst awaiting the enactment of a specific legislation of a collective “urban” management type, it seemed more and more necessary to create one authority and a supervisory body with for responsibility of assuring the availability and the operational functioning of all the essential services, responsible for the management of this village; which explained the setting up of Azuri Estate Management Ltd in May, 2016

Even if its current modus operandi must be further improved and structured, its three basic principles are:

  • AEM does not aim to make profits
  • Promote an open book policy and transparency in the management of the village both in its operational and its financial aspects
  • Provide a democratic model of operation with councils and executive bodies integrating all Azuri stakeholders in the decision-making

The unique purpose of Azuri Estate Management Ltd is to manage, to maintain and to improve infrastructures, technical installations and common places in Azuri. The cost of the operations of the Village will be shared by all the existing and future stakeholders of Azuri.

The non-exhaustive list of Azuri Estate Management’s Responsibilities are:

  • Networks for the distribution of potable and irrigation water, management and maintenance
  • Management of the waste water treatment and lifting stations
  • Maintenance of electricity networks, cablings, generators, pumps, storage tanks for the drinking and undrinkable water, roads
  • Landscaping of common areas
  • Cleaning of common areas
  • 24-hour village security
  • Waste and garbage collection and removal
  • Coordination and management of external service providers as needed