Our commitment to integrity, originality, long-term focus and quality in everything we do – from development to management – will enable us to transform the value of our assets whilst creating the new way of living of tomorrow. The guiding principles that we believe are key to making successful property developments.


01. People and Lifestyles

How you live today and tomorrow matters to us. We enhance your lifestyle, infusing the Mauritian way of life to your cosmopolitan aspirations.


02. Sustainable Development

We seek to align sustainability with our overall business goals, and make a positive contribution to our company’s short- and long-term value.


03. Operational Excellence

Our partnerships and joint ventures enable us to solve complex operational challenges and achieve world-class operations.


04. Customer Satisfaction

Beyond bricks and mortar, we offer a vibrant tight-knit community and day-to-day management of our homeowners and tenants’ properties.


05. Growth

We have taken quantum leaps in maintaining a portfolio of recurrent buyers, who remain the key to organic growth.


06. Profitability & Cash Flow

We have developed a deep understanding of how to create value and generate profit throughout the life cycle of a real estate project.