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Message from our CEO

Dear Colleagues and Partners

It is a week now, since we have been in lockdown.

I hope you and your family have been keeping safe through the Covid-19 pandemic, so far.

We are living an unprecedented world crisis and, in his speech when France got into lockdown last week, President Macron probably rightly said that we are at war.

Our grandparents may have told us what they lived in the 40’s or they may have been reported by elderlies. It was a time where people lived with the basics, where they were creative to find means in reaching a goal and where solidarity as well as patriotism were key.

We are focussing on the sanitary crisis, which will preserve our people, but the unprecedented economic crisis which is announced will be tough for all of us. In the meantime, we must protect our society and I seize this opportunity to share with you some thoughts about how we can play a role in maintaining social peace while we are at war with the virus.

While we are all concerned about what is happening, and sometimes fear for the future, we must have been (like most of our pairs) skimming social media liking, sharing and posting. While there are a few pyromaniacs of social peace posting fake news, others just by making unfounded information become viral through sharing or by making nonconstructive comments, contribute to creating anxiety and negativity.

In these times where we need people to remain positive and where sensationalism will not bring us anywhere, I invite you to reflect on the use we make of social media. Do we reflect on the impact of what we write and what we share before doing so? I have always been told that violence triggers violence. When we are sharing violent videos, photos and words, aren’t we somehow triggering the violence in the one or the crowd who will seeing this?

I might be wrong but, as a patriot, I wanted to share my thoughts and it may be a mild contribution as far as peace of our country is concerned. We have the choice of either contributing to peace and give a future to our country and its people, or we can accelerate unrest through anxiety inducing actions.

Should you believe I am right, I invite you to trigger reflection with your respective networks so there is increased awareness of the responsibility we take when we like, share or post on social media.

It was initially expected that lockdown would be for 2 weeks but it may be longer. It will require all of us to be strong enough to abide to the stringent rules of confinement, over a longer period in time, but let us all get prepared and plan accordingly.

We will make it together !!

I wish you all a nice day and to keep safe.

Christine Marot
Chief Executive Officer

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